Saturday May 16, 2015 Assunpink Wildlife Management Area

Sunday May 17, 2015 Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area


Photos from the Event:


NJ BirdNJ Field



The AWPGA training and demonstration weekend is an all-day event. Rain or Shine. Each Morning will feature open discussion seminars and demonstrations followed by handler and dog participation groups in the afternoon. The goals of the training weekend are to expose novice handlers (JH & NA) to training techniques that will help with working your dog in hunting situations, participating in an AKC Hunt Test or testing your dog under NAVHDA. For intermediate handlers (SH & UPT) with hunting or testing experience to better understand the rules and techniques for advance training and testing. Advanced experience handlers (MH, UT, and VC) to pick up training tips and share their knowledge with other AWPGA members with similar goals.

Handlers are not required to bring their own dog. Participants that do bring their dog, under this format your dog must be crated in your vehicle or staked out quietly for the morning discussions and demos. (As it would during a training or testing day) Please no females in season. Speakers will use an appropriate dog for demonstration purposes during discussion time. Dogs must be maintained on a lead or check cord at all times. All handlers like to show their dog handling skills and demonstrate their dog's obedience, but this is a public facility and active horse park. There will be dogs of all levels on the grounds so for everyone's safety please hook-up your dog at all times. Only handlers and dogs registered to this AWPGA event are permitted at the discussions and demonstrations.


What you need to bring: (This is a rain or shine event, we like to say "test in the rain, train in the rain")

For the handler: (we are encouraging handlers to bring their own training equipment)

  • Hunter orange hat and vest (no participant can enter a bird field without safety orange)
  • Break open shotgun (all participants should bring their gun for demo purposes)
  • NOTE: Only qualified New Jersey hunting license holders will be able to shoot birds
  • Blank Training Pistol, ear protection (there will be some equipment available to borrow)
  • Plastic garbage bags to bring birds and/or garbage home in
  • Tick spray and bug spray
  • Rain-gear, field boots
  • Folding Chair


For the dog: (please no bitches in season)

  • Pick up /clean up bags
  • Water and bottle, food and bowl
  • Dog crate or tie-out stake
  • Collars (regular collar w/name-tag, e-collar)
  • Leashes, check-cord
  • Retrieving dummies
  • Dog first aid kit


For questions, contact Ron Granai. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cell: 646-302-8496


Saturday May 16, 2015 Assunpink Wildlife Management Area

The morning discussions will be held in the little Field House. Demonstration will be in the adjacent yard area outside. The afternoon participations groups will be in surrounding designated fields.

Coffee and Donuts

Morning Discussion topics:

  • Introduction to the AWPGA field committee, goals and agenda.
  • Training your dog for field work.
  • Importance of AKC and NAVHDA testing. Korthals Cup, Poule Korthal
  • Training at home, yard work (foundation)
  • Make training fun for both dog and handler. (WOOOHOOO)
  • Basic Training Commands (heel, whoa, sit, down, stay, come) (release word)
  • Training Table Work (building a training table)
  • Beginning Retriever Training on the table (clicker, baiting, pinch, e-collar)
  • Socializing your dog. (Leaving your dog crated or staked out, training with other dogs, running a brace)
  • Introducing a dog to birds. (In the yard, on the table, in the field)
  • Introducing a dog to gun fire.
  • E- Collar training. Pinch collar training.
  • Understanding the Upland Sequence:
  • Heel, Hunt, Point, Wing, Shot, Fall, Retrieve, Reward and how training and testing relates to each function.


Lunch (pizza) 

Afternoon Participation Groups:

  • Safety First: Dog Safety, Handler Safety, Gunner Safety, and Hunting Safety
  • Intro to Gun: Handler (carrying a break open gun for testing, training and hunting) (using a blank training pistol)
  • Intro to Birds: Handler (quail, chucker, pheasant, duck, pigeons) (bird planting demo)
  • Intro to birds: Dogs
  • Intro to gun: Dogs
  • Basic Field Skills (quartering, use of wind, positioning you, your dog and gunners) JH & NA
  • Intermediate Field Skills (whoa to a back, steadiness, retrieve to hand) SH &UPT
  • Advanced Skills (backing, steadiness, advanced retrieves (blind or multiple retrieves) MH, UT & VC


Sunday May 17, 2015 Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area

The morning discussion will be held "through the gate" where tracking and advance field work can be demonstrated. Water work demonstrations will be at Lake Kennedy.

Coffee and Donuts

Morning Discussion topics:

  • Introduction to tracking of game (track and drag)
  • Teaching steady to wing and shot.
  • Retrieve to hand.
  • Review of field judging for AKC and NAVHDA.
  • Water work goals for you and dog.
  • Testing skills required for AKC and NAVHDA.
  • Demo Basic water entry
  • Demo Water Retrieve
  • Demo Remain/Steady by Blind Sequence
  • Demo Double Mark
  • Duck Search


Lunch (subs)

Afternoon Participation Groups:

The afternoon participation groups will be divided into water and field.

  • At Lake Kennedy participants will be able to man each station of the "Remain by Blind" sequence:
  • Rotating as handler, judges, winger, distraction gunner
  • At "The Mounds" and "Front Field" participants will work on birds in the field and track/drag
  • Rotating as bird planter, handler, judges, gunner in the field
  • Rotating as bird wrangler, handler and judges for track/drag



Directions to Grounds and Hotels


Directions to Colliers Mills WMA

Latitude 40.067797°

Longitude -74.448827°

1. Take the New Jersey Turnpike to exit 7A.

2. After you pay the toll, take Route 195 east to exit 16.

3. At the exit ramp, make a right onto Route 537 West.

4. You will pass a Wawa and a McDonalds on your right. Continue on 537 past the entrance to Great Adventure on your right. After you have been on Route 537 for approx. 3.3 miles, you will see a sign for the Timberland Lake Campground on your right.

5. Just past this sign, make a left onto Hawkins Road. Please note that if you cross Route 539, you have gone too far.

6. Proceed approx. 2.8 miles to a stop sign.

7. Go straight at the stop sign for another 1.4 miles.

8. At this point, make a left into the entrance to the Colliers Mills WMA.

9. Proceed on this road approx. 100 yards or so. There will be a lake on your left and the Front Parking Area will be on your right.


Directions to Assunpink:

Latitude 40.204150°

Longitude -74.502474°

1. From 195 east or west, take Exit 11 and turn north on Imlaystown-Hightstown Road.

2. Go to the second stop sign and make a right.

3. Go past the stables and the Activities building is the second building on the right-hand side with a gravel driveway.


Area Motels:

Area Motels:

Days Inn

Best Western

Econo Lodge

460 Rte 33 East NJ Turnpike (I-95) & Exit 8, East   Windsor NJ 08520

1073 Route 206

Route 130 & 206

East Windsor, NJ

Bordentown, NJ

Bordentown, NJ




Please call for rates.

Please call for rates.

Please call for rates.

These motels are located approx.   45 minutes or so from the meeting site.

Check to see if dog friendly.


Additional Hotel info can be found here.



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