2012 Korthals Cup

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota October 27 & 28

Judges: Julie Carlstrom & Terry Petro


Winner- VC CH Duchasseur CrownPoint CD SH JHR- Vicky Foster

1st Runner Up- VC CH Kanzakaw’s Belvue Betsy- L. & P. Woodward

2nd Runner Up- VC Aux Lake Astral- L. & P. Woodward

3rd Runner Up- CH Aux Lake Bristle MH- L. & P. Woodward

Honorable Mention- VC Stonyridge Gracey SH- C. Koele

Gunner’s Prize- Bear Hug CU Later MH- R. & L. Cook

See photo of all winners here.


2014 Korthals Cup

Union, Maine August 25 & 26

Judges: Steve Brodeur & Alain Binet


Winner- Keystone Tessa Tyme MH- Ken Gordon

1st Runner Up- VC GCH Duchasseur CrownPoint CD MH JHR- V. Foster

2nd Runner Up- VC Wet Acres Noz’n Around MH- B. Fee & L. Seley

3rd Runner Up- MACH Bear Hugs CU Later CDX MH – R. & L. Cook

Gunner’s Prize- VC GCH Duchasseur CrownPoint CD MH JHR- V.Foster

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