As of January 2008

The Code of Ethics is presented as a guideline to be used by AWPGA members in conjunction with the goals as set forth by the organization. The code sets forth minimum standards of practice to which all members are urged to adhere. Violators of the AWPGA Code of Ethics are subject to AWPGA
sanctions or expulsion.

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All members shall abide by AKC rules and AWPGA Constitution and By-laws.

All members are encouraged to support the goals of the AWPGA in health and genetics.

No dog or bitch exhibiting unsound temperament, a disqualifying fault, or poor health shall be used for breeding.

Members will not breed a bitch before 2 years of age or after 8 years of age, nor allow a bitch to whelp more than one litter within a 12 month period.

All Wirehaired Pointing Griffons used for breeding shall be OFA or Penn Hip certified free of hip dysplasia.

Ethical trade practices should always be used in advertising and representation of stud dogs, litters, pedigrees and hunting capabilities. Any representation, either verbal or written should in no way be fraudulent or misleading.

Before the puppies leave the breeder, they shall be micro-chipped, or tattooed. Registration papers, in proper order, shall be furnished to the buyer in a timely manner as set out by the AKC.

Breeders shall make every effort to place puppies in responsible, safe, suitable homes and will supply support and care of their pups for their lifetime.

No member shall knowingly sell any dog to any commercial breeder or research facility.

All AWPGA members will conduct themselves honorably and at all times exhibit good sportsmanship. Untrue or unfair statements regarding the dogs or practices of others shall never knowingly be made by a member. Members should conduct themselves as to always be a credit to the Breed.